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Elkhorn Campgrounds is ready for a once-in-a-generation eclipse

On August 21, 2017, we’ll experience the first total solar eclipse in the continental United States since 1979! Every camping enthusiast in North America will be able to experience this historic event as the moon’s shadow blocks our view of the sun.

1. Book now! Don’t just witness the eclipse on your patio, watch it in the woods. One of the oddities of an eclipse is that in the woods, as light streams through many small openings in the canopy of leaves, it projects a thousand mini-eclipses in the shadows on the ground.

2. Observe the sun’s image by assembling a pinhole projector to give you the same representation of the eclipse you’d find on the floor of the woods. Take a long, wide tube... cover one end with foil... poke a hole in the center of the foil with a pencil. When you hold the tube in line with the sun, the hole projects the image of the eclipse onto the ground.

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